Volume 1 Issue 1

JUNE 2017 – Volume 01 Issue 01

  1. Paper ID-1101
    Comparison of Statistical Approaches for Sentiment Analysis – Malayalam Film Review

    Authors : Deepu S Nair, Jisha P Jayan & Dr Elizabeth Sherly
  2. Paper ID-1102
    Diagnosis of Dermis Syndrome using Image Processing Techniques in Anthropoid

    Authors : Dr V Arulmozhi & S C Divya
  3. Paper ID-1103
    Analysis of Time Series for Modeling ARIMA in Household Annual Income

    Authors : Dr S Prakash Kumar & K Muthuchamy
  4. Paper ID-1104
    Interconnection of automatic traffic control mechanism in cities

    Authors : M Janakiram
  5. Paper ID-1105
    A Novel Framework for Elastic Resource Allocation Management in Mobile Cloud Computing

    Authors : B Kannan & Dr M Durairaj