Journal Policy

Journal Policies and Ethics

International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Technology (IJICT) supports open access policy for all the published papers which are immediately freely available online. IJICT adopts double blinded review process, where both reviewers and author are anonymous to each other throughout the publication. All submitted manuscripts undergo preliminary evaluation by the editor to determine that they meet essential criteria in the journal. Those manuscripts are assigned to reviewers for evaluation.

Editor must ensure that review process is transparent and unbiased. Research article must be reviewed by two independent reviewers based on the respective area. Editor-in-chief is responsible for publication of the reviewed articles. In case, any suitable arguments from author will be consider for review process and further decision for publication based on the review comment.

Manuscripts may not be considered due to one of the following reasons:

  • Outside of the scope
  • Manuscript contains redundant information which has been published or considered for publication
  • Poor quality and incomplete conclusion by the manuscript

Publication Ethics
International Journal of Intelligent Technology and Computing is a double blinded peer review journal, publishes high quality papers in all the aspects of Science, Engineering and Technology discipline. It is necessary to maintain standards that can be achieved through ethical behavior of the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer and the publisher.

Authors Responsibility
Author should ensure that the research paper is original and not submitted or considered or published elsewhere.Research work should not hold any plagiarized content, paraphrasing, quoting, data fabrication, duplication in whole or part from others work.Author must acknowledge the funding agency and conflict of interest that also to be disclosed. Corresponding author must appropriately identify the responsibilities of all the co-authors.

Editors Responsibility
The editor is solely responsible for taking decision on submitted papers. In case, research article adhere any issues like copyright infringement, plagiarism, data fabrication and dispute can be resolved by Chief Editor along with Editorial Board members. Editor must appoint well qualified, specialized reviewers for reviewing research papers. Editorial policies of the journal must be transparent which ensure the clear understanding for both reviewers and authors. Editor should defend the confidentiality on the submitted materials and also processing information between reviewers. Journal adhere double blinded peer review system, reviewers details should be maintained secretly.

Reviewers Responsibility
Reviewers should maintain confidential on review documents and should not share or copy the information and contact the author without the knowledge of Editor. Materials disclosed in submitting articles can’t be used for reviewers own research work.