IJICT is a biannual journal for publishing new intelligent ideas and recent advances inĀ  Science, Engineering and Technology field. The main goal is to provide an effective medium to share, motivate and publish their novel ideas from institutions to industries. It is an double blinded peer review and scholarly journal. Evaluation strictly based on objective and methodology.


Journal publishes research analysis, case studies, survey, short review, letters, reports, debates, discussions and research dataset. The Journal will cover all the aspects in the comprehensive areas of Science, Engineering and Technology.


Algorithms, Numerical Analysis, Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Computer Programming, Linear Control Systems, Algorithm Design, Computational Complexity, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Engineering Mathematics, Graphs and optimization, Automata Theory, System Modeling, Stochastic Process, Estimation Theory, Adaptive Filter, Biological Statistics and Probability, Wavelet Transform and Its Applications, Advanced Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Geometry/Analytics Geometry , Signal Processing, Image Processing, Video Processing, Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Mining, Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Cognitive Sciences, Pattern Recognition, Expert System, Computational Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Algorithms and Data structures, Programming Languages, Operating systems, Natural Language Processing, Software Design, Software Engineering & applications, Network and Information security, Cryptography, Bioinformatics and Bio-signal processing etc.,